We pride ourselves on our close working relationships with our customers

Tom Ansell

Head of Practice Area - Conveyancing


Remortgaging & transfers of equity

As life rolls on, our legal affairs must keep up. That’s especially so in the case of the property we own. With the right legal support, you can keep pace with the changing world, giving you all the security you need.

Our conveyancing experts handle all aspects of mortgaging, re-mortgaging and transferring ownership. Customers range from first-time buyers who have no experience of the lending process, to seasoned homeowners who come back to us each time they want to release equity or agree new borrowing. We also advise people who want their legal rights changed to reflect their personal situation, transferring ownership from their sole name to joint names and vice versa.

Each process is made as straightforward as it can be. We’ll advise you on the consequences of the steps you’re looking to take, making recommendations along the way which suit your needs in the short and longer-term.

When you instruct Brethertons, you get experts who are on your side. It means that, as well as driving the processes through, we’re looking out for you – and customers tell us that that counts for a lot.

For pricing information on remortgaging & transfers of equity please click here.

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