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Brethertons is one of the longest standing law firms in Banbury, founded way back in 1810. Our firm offer high quality, bespoke legal services for a diverse range of both commercial and personal clients across Banbury, the surrounding areas, and nationwide.

When you choose to work with our team, you’ll receive a personable and compassionate service from solicitors who are passionate about what they do. We always take the time to understand the intricate details of your case, and your preferences, allowing us to provide tailor-fit support.

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Our solicitors in Banbury can help with:

Divorce and separation

Today, obtaining a divorce is far simpler than in the past, due to the fairly recent introduction of ‘no-fault’ divorce. The process is all the more straightforward where you and your ex-partner are on amicable terms, and willing to negotiate to reach a divorce settlement.

Regardless of how amicable your situation is, it is recommended to seek expert legal guidance, to ensure a smooth process.

Our divorce solicitors in Banbury have much experience supporting clients through what can be a challenging time, handling the documentation and complexities required, so that you can focus on moving on. All of our lawyers in Banbury are highly trained, empathetic individuals who will work hard to ensure that the divorce process is as stress free as possible.

Whether it’s explaining legal terminology, providing emotional support, or assisting you to draft a settlement, our divorce solicitors in Banbury are here to help you through this process.

Wills, trusts, capacity and probate

Wills and probate matters can sometimes become stressful, particularly where there are disputes between executors, beneficiaries, or other interested parties. Our Wills and probate lawyers have much experience dealing with such matters, always taking a sensitive and compassionate approach to every case.

Perhaps you’re a Will executor who needs support, or are caught up in a Will dispute? Regardless of your issue, we can provide the practical guidance that you need.

Our Wills, trusts, capacity and probate solicitors in Banbury can also help with matters such as Lasting Powers of Attorney, the Court of Protection or trust administration.


The process of purchasing or selling a house can sometimes be stressful, with plenty at stake, it’s important to have the best guidance and legal support.

Our conveyancing solicitors in Banbury can provide high-quality property law legal services, supported by outstanding expertise, and a dedicated team.

At Brethertons our goal is always to safeguard our clients from any potential risks that may arise. We’ve helped many clients to speed up and simplify their conveyancing processes, and can certainly help you do the same. To discuss your needs today, please get in touch.

Social services and care proceedings

At Brethertons, we appreciate that when social services get involved with the care of your children, this can cause much anxiety and tension. Our specialist team includes several professionals who belong to the Law Society Children panel, and who can assist you through this stressful time, providing recommendations on which steps you should take next.

Whether it’s prior to a Court date, or throughout Court proceedings, our social services and care proceedings lawyers in Banbury can provide the help you need. We always approach every case with empathy and sensitivity, ensuring that you feel at ease.

Child matters

Our child law solicitors in Banbury are experienced in supporting clients to handle child law matters, we have an excellent track record of securing the best results for our clients. Whether you need help with special educational needs, adoption, or child arrangements, our experts are here to support and guide you.

At Brethertons, we understand how emotionally charged and tense these issues can be, which is why we always approach every case with empathy and sensitivity. Your solicitor will always keep you up to date with the progress of your case, including any issues.

Domestic abuse

Tragically, as many as 1 in 5 adults will experience domestic abuse, and the stats are sadly even higher for children. If you’ve experienced domestic abuse, whether that’s economic, emotional, verbal or physical, our domestic abuse solicitors in Banbury can provide the help and support that you need.

We can help you to put the protections in place that you require, to keep you and your family safe, allowing you to move forward from your traumatic experiences. Rest assured, you will receive empathetic support every step of the way, from a sensitive team of solicitors who truly care.

Life changing injuries

If you have sustained a life-changing injury, through no fault of your own, you may be eligible to claim compensation. Accessing compensation could help you to pay for the health care that you need, whether that’s physical support, mental health assistance, or any equipment you require to help you.

Our team of life-changing injury solicitors in Banbury work diligently to assist those who have suffered due to another individual’s actions, often, where injuries have been caused by professional or medical bodies.

At Brethertons, we have expertise in areas such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, polytrauma and amputation.

Dispute resolution and litigation

Disputes, whether professional or personal, can be extremely difficult to deal with, often having the potential to take up a great deal of time, as well as being expensive. Ensuring that you receive the expert legal support and advice early on is the best way to reach a positive resolution faster, while keeping costs down.

Our dispute resolution solicitors in Banbury can help clients to solve many different conflicts, including those related to property disputes, inheritance and estates, commercial landlord and tenant disputes, and contract disputes.

Leasehold enfranchisement

At Brethertons, our leasehold enfranchisement solicitors have years of experience helping both businesses and individuals with applying to first-tier tribunal property chambers, collective enfranchisement, appointing a manager and more.

Our leasehold enfranchisement solicitors in Banbury are committed to collaborating with our clients, and are always happy to answer any questions they may have.

Arrears recovery

If your tenant has missed a rental payment, you are likely to be feeling incredibly frustrated. Where tenants are defaulting regularly on payments, this can cause significant financial repercussions for landlords.

To help you resolve such situations, and avoid ongoing issues, our arrears recovery solicitors in Banbury can assist.

With many years of experience, we offer realistic and pragmatic support to our clients, helping them to maintain healthy relationships with their tenants where at all possible.

Local resources

Oxford Combined Court

Oxford Combined Court Centre deals with cases involved with adoption, bankruptcy, childcare arrangements, crime, domestic abuse, housing, money claims and the single justice procedure.

Warwick Combined Court

Warwick Combined Court deals with cases involved with bankruptcy, crime, housing, money claims and the single justice procedure.

How to reach our solicitors in Banbury

Reach us by bus

The nearest bus stop to our office in Banbury is a four minute walk away, on West Bar Street, served by buses 75, 75A, 75B and B5.

Reach us by train

The closest station to our legal office is Banbury Train Station, a 13 minute walk away via Calthorpe St and High Street.

Reach us by car

We have one free parking space at the back of our Banbury office, if using this space please ensure that you are parked directly in front of the Brethertons sign.

Alternatively, Short Stay Pay and Display Parking can be found directly outside the front of the Banbury Office. Payment can be made by coins, card or by mobile phone. 

Plan your journey to our Banbury office here.


At Brethertons we are committed to ensuring that our services are available to all, including those who require disability access. If you need any specials arrangements or support, please get in touch with us before you visit.

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To get in touch with one of our exceptional solicitors in Banbury, you can phone 01788 579579 or use our simple, quick contact form at the bottom of the page.

We take great pride in our professionalism and the quality of our service, and we will make every effort to address any initial enquiries you may have.

We also have offices in Rugby and Bicester if either of these locations is more convenient for you.