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Divorce Solicitors in Banbury

Coming to terms with the fact that you and your partner are no longer compatible is always difficult, and going through the divorce process can make an emotionally difficult time even more stressful.

Our divorce solicitors in Banbury are available to guide you through the process whilst helping to complete any documentation required. Whilst the process of getting a divorce can often be relatively straightforward, there are many pitfalls that can occur when handling the more sensitive topics such as housing, child arrangements and financial issues such as pension division.

Our divorce solicitors in Banbury specialise in cases that include complicated legal assets such as pension funds, multiple properties, offshore assets and family businesses. Our expertise is at the core of our service, and we have the years of experience required to guide our clients through the entire process.      

After years of helping clients navigate the process of divorce, we know well that divorce is not merely just a legal matter, it’s an emotional and difficult event that requires as much support as possible. We aim to retain a close relationship with our clients and have stayed in contact with many once the divorce process has been completed. We provide a friendly and professional service, working diligently to build the trust between our solicitors and our clients, whilst giving you practical divorce advice tailored to your circumstances.

Additionally, we have an in-house counsellor who is trained and qualified to provide emotional support throughout your divorce process. This valuable service is offered free of charge and is a distinctive element of the assistance we provide. We prioritise your well-being and are always available to lend a listening ear whenever you need someone to talk to.

Our divorce solicitors in Banbury can help with:

Why choose Brethertons for divorce legal advice?

  • The team is top ranked by leading client guides Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500 for our Family law expertise.
  • Director of Legal Services Linda Jones is recognised as a Leading Individual and Senior Associate Josh Russell as a Rising Star in the field of Family law by the Legal 500.
  • Chambers & Partners recognises Linda as an Eminent Practitioner, with Partner Simon Craddock being individually ranked for his Family law expertise.
  • We work with litigation funding providers to cover the upfront cost of your divorce, so you do not need to worry about covering our fees while your case is ongoing.
  • Unlike any other law firm we know, we offer free counselling to all of our clients going through a divorce and separation from our trained in-house counsellor.
  • Our divorce law solicitors in Banbury work with clients all across the country and internationally, using a blend of videoconferencing, email and face-to-face meetings to provide an accessible, highly personal service.
  • We have many years of experience working with the most complex and high value separations.
  • Our divorce lawyers in Banbury treat every client with compassion.
  • Our divorce and separation experts establish close relationships with our clients.

Our divorce services in Banbury

Divorce proceedings

Due to the introduction of ‘no-fault’ divorce, applying for a divorce or giving a response to an application is now much simpler as a ‘reason’ for the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage does not need to be provided. It is also no longer possible to oppose a divorce application in all but the most unique situations.

The introduction of ‘no-fault’ divorce has streamlined the process of dissolving marriages in multiple ways. Individuals are no longer required to provide reasons or assign blame for the breakdown of their marriage when applying for a divorce or responding to an application.

Whether you are making a sole application, joint application with your former spouse, or are responding to an application, our divorce solicitors in Banbury can guide you through the entire process, making sure that all the relevant documentation is completed and there are no delays to the process.

Division of finances

One of the more difficult aspects of a divorce is often the division of finances, as the outcome will be critical to your present and future financial security.

Reaching an amicable agreement on the division of finances is often possible, though this requires both parties to be willing to cooperate with one another to achieve a suitable resolution.

However, the reality is often more complex, particularly when significant assets are involved. Regardless of the circumstances, our divorce solicitors in Banbury are well-prepared to safeguard your financial rights and work diligently to secure the most favourable outcome for you. Whether it requires negotiation or a more assertive approach, we are committed to advocating for your best interests throughout the process.

Child law

During divorce cases where disagreements arise concerning child arrangements, there are alternative options available, which are handled separately from the divorce proceedings. The ideal scenario involves parents reaching amicable child arrangements through mediation with mutual cooperation.

However, at Brethertons, we understand that this may not always be feasible. If mediation fails to resolve the dispute, a separate application can be made to the court for a Child Arrangements Order.

Our services encompass both facilitating amicable negotiations for child arrangements and providing assistance with court applications if necessary. Our Banbury divorce solicitors’ biggest priority is to ensure that the best interests of the children are upheld and that suitable arrangements are established for their well-being and happiness.

International divorce

We now live in a world where international travel and relationships are increasingly accessible. However, when it comes to divorce, the international aspect can make things increasingly difficult.

We often handle cases for clients who require extra support due to their being an internal element to their divorce. This could be a case where a couple originally were married in England or Wales, but then one or both partners live abroad.

We have also handled situations where either separating partner has international assets. These issues can also pertain to issues relating to children, especially where relocation is concerned.

Our solicitors in Banbury are well versed in international divorce matters and will be there for you throughout the whole process.

Divorce counselling

We understand that during a divorce, individuals experience a wide array of emotions. As a result, we have a qualified counsellor within our team to support you during this difficult time. Our experienced and compassionate counsellor is well-versed in handling the emotional complexities associated with divorce, offering a safe and understanding space for clients to express their feelings, fears, and concerns.

They work closely with our legal team to ensure a holistic approach to divorce proceedings, taking care of both the legal and emotional aspects of the process. With our in-house divorce counselling service, we strive to provide comprehensive emotional support to our clients, empowering them to make informed decisions while promoting emotional healing and growth.

Contact our divorce solicitors in Banbury

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