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Our Values and Culture

At Brethertons we are grateful to have a very positive internal culture. Our values (detailed below) reflect the way we like to work as a firm. 

Value Our Clients

Our objective is to know our clients, to be attentive to their needs, culture and ambitions, sharing our knowledge and providing the support they need to succeed.

“At Brethertons, I am consistently impressed with the firm and its employees desire to always put the client first and be supportive to each client’s different needs. I am proud to say that I work for a firm that truly works to provide the client with a tailor made service that fits their situation. I believe that’s why so many of our clients come back to us over and over”Lindsay Gutteridge, Associate – Private Client

Value Excellence

We aspire to provide the highest levels of service to our clients. We are enthusiastic and flexible and will go the extra mile to deliver the right results.

“I find it inspiring to hear about the innovative work my colleagues at Brethertons complete. My colleagues are eager to get the best results for their clients and I work with individuals who are leaders in their fields. Individuals who already have so much knowledge and yet always striving to be better” Craig Webb, Head of Legal Operations

Value Personal Development

We invest, support and properly reward personal growth of our people so that we may ensure we offer expert knowledge for the benefit of our clients.

‘’Brethertons has a fantastic internal recruitment structure that not only demonstrates how much they value Personal Development, but it also demonstrates their commitment to their team. I am grateful for all the support Brethertons has given me to flourish from a part time Legal Assistant alongside my University studies to now, a qualified Solicitor. I am still building on my knowledge as a practising Solicitor and continue to be given invaluable guidance. Brethertons are eager to recognise talent and commitment which really benefits our clients as we can ensure we continue to offer exceptional expert legal knowledge.’’ Chanel Brown - Solicitor

Value Each Other

We work as a team, supportive and attentive towards each other, sharing our knowledge and creating an environment of empathy, while respecting diversity, individual needs and cultures.

“One of my favourite things about working at Brethertons is the support provided to each other. Brethertons absolutely encourages team working. We all work to share our knowledge and support each other, while recognising the importance of each individual’s contribution.” Faruq Kasu, Associate

Value Ambition

We are proud of our history, our achievements and our own culture. But we are also enthusiastic about our Vision for future growth.

"Brethertons has ambition and a clear vision. That means putting our people and our clients at the heart of everything we do. But ambition by itself is not enough. We also have the strategy, the structure and the drive to realise our vision. Collaboration is key and every person in the firm is working together to make our ambition a reality." – Alison McCormack, CEO



  1. This data is current as at July 2021.
  2. This data has been rounded to the nearest percent and therefore may not add up to 100%.
  3. The data is taken from responses by individuals that have completed the SRA Diversity questionnaire 2021 in accordance with SRA requirements
 Legal %Support %
Declared Ethnic Minority112
Social Mobility – type of school attended  
UK state school6922
UK independent fee paying school or School outside UK40
Caring Responsibility  
Declared as primary carer for a child248


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