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Tom Ansell

Head of Practice Area - Conveyancing


Buying a house

Upgrading, downsizing, first-time, investment. Whatever your reason for buying, you’ll want to get your hands on the property as quickly as possible.

We recognise that it can be very stressful waiting for legal tasks to be processed without really knowing what is holding up the process.

We’re not here to add to your stresses by dragging our heels or being hard to pin down. That’s not us at all. When you instruct us to help you buy a house, you’ll find that we’re quick, responsive and thorough. We tackle each legal hurdle head-on, letting you know about any actual or potential issues with the property and advising you on your options. We can also help with any additional legal needs and questions that you may have, such as protecting different financial contributions on a joint purchase.

With us, you’ll know where you are. We will tell you how your purchase is coming along and we’ll push to get the transaction through on time. And because our fees are fixed, you won’t need to worry about budgets slipping. We think certainty is good, and we’re pretty sure you do too.

For pricing information on buying a house please click here.

Buyers guide to Conveyancing

Buyers Guide to Conveyancing

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