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Brethertons host a series of webinars to keep you abreast of changing legislation and industry hot topics.

The presentations will last 1 hour and are followed by the chance to ask questions, raise specific topics and share opinions.

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Enforcement Options - Achieving Settlement

Wednesday 22nd May 2024 

12:30 - 13:30

The key to a well run development is good cash flow. In order to ensure services run without interruption and that general day to day maintenance is carried out you must have the money to pay contractors. If the service charge account has minimal or no funds how will you place the insurance or ensure all health and safety related issues don’t become health and safety related nightmares? In the main service charge accounts run smoothly. A budget is produced, a demand issued and payment received. However, there are occasions where the process breaks down. In our last webinar, “Recovering Service Charges”, we discussed what you need to do in order to ensure the process works from the outset. In this webinar we will be considering your options in relation to getting payment once you have obtained a County Court judgment (CCJ).

This webinar is aimed at anyone involved in the credit control process, whether that is somebody working in the accounts team or whether you are a property manager reliant on funds to run your development.

Presented by Mark North (Partner), Ben Foley (Partner) and Sophie Kite (Paralegal)

Knowledge Bank: Recovering Service Charges

This webinar was hosted by Mark North, Business Development Partner and Faruq Kasu - Associate at Brethertons. There are more interesting subjects we know, but… service charge recovery is something that every Managing Agent relies on in order to carry out their obligations effectively. Without a sufficient and robust credit control and subsequent arrears recovery collection process, no Managing Agent could function. Service charge collection is the first step in the cycle of providing excellent service and having satisfied clients. In this webinar we will cover some hints and tips for your own process and subsequently the steps we can take to recover service charges from even the most elusive of debtors.