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Divorce Solicitors in Rugby

In general, obtaining a divorce is normally a relatively straightforward process, especially if you and your partner have mutually agreed to end the marriage. Difficulties can, however, arise during the practical aspects of the divorce, related to finances, living situations and arrangements for children.

Our experienced divorce solicitors in Rugby have worked with a wide range of clients, from local cases to more complex high-value international cases, always providing a first-class and efficient service. Our solicitors are well-versed in matters involving international divorce, supporting our clients throughout the process whilst advising on the most appropriate country’s court to initiate divorce proceedings in.

Our divorce solicitors in Rugby are experts in this field, having worked on cases involved in complicated legal assets such as property portfolios, offshore accounts, family business and pension funds. With a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of this legal area, we believe that we’re the best team to help you through this often emotionally difficult time. We strive to provide a supportive and personal service, with advice tailored to your specific situation.

Our solicitors in Rugby encourage a close relationship with our clients and remain in contact once divorce proceedings have been completed. No matter what your legal issues are, you will find us to be a shoulder that you can lean on during this difficult time and you can be sure that we will do everything within our power to obtain the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones.

We have a dedicated, skilled in-house counsellor available to assist you with the emotional aspects of your divorce, including helping you to support your children during this difficult time. This service is completely complimentary, setting us apart and adding a distinctive touch to our offerings. No matter how busy we may be, we are always here to listen and support you.

Our solicitors in Rugby can help with:

Why choose Brethertons for divorce legal advice?

  • The team is top ranked by leading client guides Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500 for our Family law expertise.
  • Director of Legal Services Linda Jones is recognised as a Leading Individual and Senior Associate Josh Russell as a Rising Star in the field of Family law by the Legal 500.
  • Chambers & Partners recognises Linda as an Eminent Practitioner, with Partner Simon Craddock being individually ranked for  his Family law expertise.
  • Our divorce solicitors in Rugby work with litigation funding providers to cover the upfront cost of your divorce, so you do not need to worry about covering our fees while your case is ongoing.
  • Unlike any other law firm we know, we offer free counselling to all of our clients going through a divorce and separation from our trained in-house counsellor.
  • Our divorce law solicitors in Rugby work with clients all across the country and internationally, using a blend of videoconferencing, email and face-to-face meetings to provide an accessible, highly personal service.
  • We have many years of experience working with the most complex and high value separations.
  • Our divorce lawyers in Rugby treat every client with sensitivity and understanding.
  • Our divorce and separation experts establish strong relationships with our clients, building up trust through a friendly and warm personal service.

Our divorce and separation services in Rugby

Divorce proceedings

Thanks to the implementation of 'no-fault' divorce, the process of applying for a divorce or responding to an application has become relatively straightforward. Now, there is no need to provide a reason for the marriage breakdown, and opposing a divorce initiated by one's spouse is only possible under exceptional circumstances.

Removing the need for individuals who wish to obtain a divorce to have to establish fault has had multiple practical benefits. Firstly, it has vastly reduced the time and cost that is normally involved in obtaining a divorce, as couples no longer are required to gather evidence or engage in emotionally taxing legal battles over who takes the blame for the breakdown of their marriage. As a result, the overall legal process has become much more efficient and less taxing for all parties involved.

Despite this, having an experienced professional to guide you through the process and offer personalised divorce advice is still highly recommended. Our specialist divorce solicitors in Rugby are more than willing to provide their expertise, ensuring that all necessary steps are efficiently completed, whilst completing any complex legal documentation that may be required of you.

Division of finances

When it comes to dividing finances, it is often the most complex process during a divorce or separation due to the outcome determining the financial future of yourself and those close to you.

Ideally, couples would all agree on how they would divide their finances amicably. Unfortunately, this is not always realistic, and tensions can quickly rise during this process. No matter what your circumstances are, our divorce solicitors in Rugby will be on hand to ensure that your finances are protected and to secure you the best possible outcome. We will work diligently to ensure that you receive the money that you are entitled to.

Child law

In cases where disagreements arise regarding children's arrangements, there are separate options available, distinct from the divorce proceedings. Ideally, child arrangements should be mutually agreed upon through mediation with the cooperation of both parents, but unfortunately, this may not always be feasible.

Our divorce solicitors in Rugby understand however, that this may not always be possible.

If mediation fails to resolve the dispute, a separate application can be made to the court for a Child Arrangements Order. Our divorce solicitors in Rugby can provide assistance in both amicably negotiating child arrangements and guiding you through the court application process if necessary. Our services include both facilitating productive negotiations with child arrangements and providing representation in court if needed. Our absolute priority is ensuring the well-being of your children and securing a positive outcome.

International divorce

Our divorce solicitors in Rugby frequently assist clients who require guidance on divorce cases that involve international aspects. This could entail situations where the couple got married in England or Wales but currently reside abroad, or where one or both individuals possess international assets.

Additionally, international issues may arise concerning children, particularly when one parent plans to relocate overseas. Rest assured, our divorce solicitors are highly experienced in handling all matters pertaining to international divorce.

With their expertise, they can adeptly navigate even the most complex and challenging situations you may encounter.

Divorce counselling

During this challenging period, many individuals experience a wide range of emotions, including fear, pain, and anger. Our team in Rugby have received specialised training to support you through these difficult feelings. We have a qualified counsellor readily available to assist you in processing and understanding these emotions, providing a source of guidance and comfort during this distressing time.

Consult our divorce solicitors in Rugby

If you would like to speak to a highly experienced solicitor with specialised expertise in helping people through divorce and separation, please do get in touch by calling us on 01788 579579 or using our contact form. Our divorce solicitors in Rugby would be happy to help you.

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