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Film star for a day!

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I have recently overseen the production of a video featuring one of our clients, Ify Nwokoro. Although Ify’s case settled shortly before I joined the firm in 2014 I have come to know him well. On our first meeting, at this year’s Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) Cornflower Ball, I was overwhelmed by his spirit of determination and positivity despite being rendered tetraplegic in a car accident at just twenty years of age.  I was inspired to capture and utilise his infectious positivity to guide and reassure others in the early stages of adjusting to a spinal cord injury (SCI). My aim was to provide information and advice and to show how Ify has overcome the challenges that living with a SCI entails and how he has found enjoyment in life, albeit a different life to the one that he envisaged aged twenty. I felt a video would be the ideal medium.

It was great to visit Ify in his home and to see the fantastic adaptations to his bungalow made to enable him to have as much independence as possible. I heard first-hand his account of how, following his injury, he was unable to return to his student accommodation and was placed, by the Local Authority, in supposedly “suitable accommodation” which was not completely accessible.  

Once instructed Brethertons secured interim payments which enabled Ify to move to a more suitable, privately rented bungalow whilst he located a suitable bungalow to purchase and adapt. 

Ify was very involved in the decisions regarding the adaptations but was supported by professionals we introduced; a private case manager, Occupational Therapist and a specialist architect. Ify is so pleased with his home that he has no future plans for any further modifications. Living in the two rental properties with all their faults and limitations meant he worked out what suited him and what didn’t and that informed the decisions he made.

My hope is that on hearing first-hand accounts from those who have been through similar experiences will provide comfort to the newly injured going through what is a very traumatic time.

For more information on Ify and to read his inspirational blogs please visit

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Brethertons is proud of its Corporate Accreditation with APIL and its association with the Spinal Injuries Association and Headway.

Please take some time to watch the videos on Ify's story and how we worked with him to enable him to purchase and adapt a bungalow.