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Emma Farrow's Apprenticeship story

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Author: Emma Farrow

This week we celebrate National Apprenticeship week by highlighting the stories of some of the apprentices who have started their careers at Brethertons and the different paths they have chosen following completion of their qualifications. We are proud of the investment we make into those starting their careers, and the support we provide to them and all employees in their roles at Brethertons from apprenticeships through to Partnership and Senior Management.

Emma Farrow is a Legal Assistant in our Property Management Practice Area. She started her career as a Legal Apprentice, working while studying towards her CILEx qualifications. Here she talks about her experience as an Apprentice at Brethertons, and advice she would offer to anyone considering an Apprenticeship route in their career.

1. What options other than an Apprenticeship did you consider, and what made you decide on the Apprenticeship route?

I had applied to go to university to study Law and had received all five of my offers. I always thought that to study law you had to go down the normal degree/university route. However, my dad encouraged me to attend an apprentice careers event as he knew I was anxious about moving away from home and so thought we may find something I would be interested in. I have always been a more practical learner so an apprenticeship seemed perfect for me.

2. Why Brethertons?

I had previously completed work experience with Brethertons in the Property Management department. I really enjoyed the work and the atmosphere was really lovely. When I saw the apprenticeship being advertised at a careers event I knew I had to apply.

3. What were the advantages of studying and working at the same time?

You gain invaluable knowledge from your colleagues, many of whom are already qualified. You also get paid whilst you’re studying which is always a bonus!

4. What did you find challenging about being a Legal Apprentice?

It was hard being thrown into a very busy and stressful department! When you aren’t use to that sort of environment is can be quiet overwhelming but you soon learn how to cope and even enjoy yourself.

5. What was your favourite moment in your Apprenticeship?

My favourite moments were always the exam results days. Whilst I was always anxious, it’s the best feeling seeing that all your hard work paid off!

6. What support was provided to you during your apprenticeship?

The biggest support network came from my other colleagues, they were able to keep me motivated and helped with any queries regarding my studies. You also get support from members of the CILEx team and your own CILEx tutor.

7. Would you recommend a Legal apprenticeship to others?

I would definitely recommend the Legal apprenticeship to others. The practical skills you develop by actually doing the work and working in the legal environment is something you wouldn’t get by going through the traditional route of university.

8. Do you have any advice for anyone considering this route?

I always suggest that people secure some type of work experience in the legal sector before applying. It will give you the best insight into the work and environment and will help you decide whether an apprenticeship is right for you.

9. What have you done following your apprenticeship, and where do you see it going moving forward?

I have secured a full time position as a Legal Assistant in the Property Management department. I am continuing my CILEx studies and am currently studying for two exams in June 2018.

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