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White Paper - Top 10 Legal Cases All Property Managers Should Know

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Leading Property Management, Legal Services provider Brethertons will release a new white paper focused on the ‘Top 10 Legal Cases All Property Managers Should Know’.

The white paper is the product of a research project with leading Barristers and Queens Counsel from the property management industry. It has been created in response to help residential property managers gain a better understanding of the First Tier Tribunal cases they are faced with on a daily basis which theoretically impact what they do for a living.

The research project began by Roger Hardwick and Bukola Obadun-Craigs, Brethertons residential leasehold partners identifying the top 20 legal cases property managers should know as part of their job. Out of the cases, Barristers were invited to rank their top 10 in order of preference including honourable mentions of any legal cases they felt strongly about, which were not included in the original list.

A clear scoring matrix was adopted to rank the cases, which added the Barristers scores together for each case. The legal case with the lowest combined score reached the top position with the other cases following in succession. Barristers also provided comments on why they feel the cases are important to property managers.

The leading Barristers in the property management industry who contributed to the white paper, include the likes of: Justin Bates, Daniel Dovar, Elizabeth England, Jonathan Upton, Elizabeth Dwomoh, Iris Ferber, Andrew Dymond, Desmond Kilcoyne, Philip Rainey QC, Ranjit Bhose QC, Rayan Imam, Simon Allison.

Roger Hardwick, said: “It was very interesting to see that apart from the number one ranked legal case, even the Barristers couldn’t agree which are the most important cases for property managers. This identifys how complex this area of law is with many arguments to be had around facts and interpretation of law and the applicable cases. What this white paper does is eradicate the noise, condensed into 10 brilliant legal cases with some great honourable mentions and highlighting the reasons why they are important for property managers from the perspective of the finest legal minds dealing exclusively in the property management industry.”

The top 10 legal cases will officially be announced during Roger Hardwick’s and Bukola Obadun-Craig’s keynote talk at the IRPM Annual Seminar on the 13th June. This will be followed by a webinar on 19 June to discuss the legal cases which made the top 15, highlighting in detail the top 5 and explaining why they are so important for Property Managers. To register for the webinar, visit the webinar page on our website.

To ensure you receive a copy of the white paper, which includes the research, showing how the top 10 legal cases were scored and collated, an overview for each case along with comments from Barristers email: