ARMA Top 10 Legal Cases All Property Managers Should Know

Speakers: Roger Hardwick and Bukola Obadun-Craigs

A presentation of a thought leadership White Paper for the property management sector. 

If you asked 20 Lawyers what are the ‘Top 10 Legal Cases All Property Managers Should Know’, you would probably get 20 answers. 

If you asked 20 Lawyers to rank 15 cases and also include any missed off the list as “honourable mentions” which they feel should be in the top 20 and then collated the information and averaged the answers out… you would get the raw data to create a White Paper which answers this question. 

Over the last few months Brethertons have been asking these precise questions of some of the top Barristers in the property management sector and collating the data. It has been a very interesting exercise. 

In this webinar Brethertonians Roger Hardwick and Bukola Obadun-Craig will discuss the cases which made the top 15, highlighting in detail the top 5 and explaining why they are so important for Property Managers. 

All webinar participants will also receive a copy of the research, showing how the top 10 cases were scored and collated. 

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