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Katie Phillips

Non-Court Dispute Resolution, a changed approach

  • Posted

In April 2024, there was a change in the Family Procedure Rules, which placed a greater emphasis on the importance of Non-Court Dispute Resolution (NCDR). This does not mean that prior to these rule changes, NCDR was discouraged, but the changes have now...

How Can I Financially Protect Myself During A Divorce?

  • Posted

Going through a divorce comes with significant financial implications, and we are often asked how clients can protect themselves during the process. Alongside the divorce, the joint financial claims that the parties have need to be addressed, and this often...

How to prepare for a divorce?

  • Posted

It maybe you are reading this, having just had a conversation with your spouse about separation. Maybe you are reading this blog in anticipation of starting a divorce yourself, but not knowing what the first steps are. We are often asked how people can...

What am I entitled to in a divorce?

  • Posted

We are often asked by clients in an initial meeting what they will receive by way of settlement, and crucially what they are “entitled to”, within a divorce. Without a crystal ball, as Solicitors we do not know what assets are available for...

What is a clean break and why is it important?

  • Posted

Many clients, when divorcing, assume that when the Decree Absolute is granted, that it brings an end to not only the marriage but also to any financial claims that each spouse has against the other. This is not the case. Only a clean break can end the...

Good Divorce Week 2021

  • Posted

You may have read in the news this week that it is ‘Good Divorce Week’. This is a campaign spearheaded by Resolution, an organisation committed to reducing the conflict within Family Law. Many of the Family Department are members of Resolution....

How important is a valid marriage? Part I

  • Posted

The legality of Sharia ‘nikaah’ marriage ceremonies have this week been tested by the Court in the case of Mrs Akhter and Mr Khan. Mrs Akhter and Mr Khan had a religious nikaah ceremony to celebrate their ‘marriage’. But the ceremony...

Am I a Cohabitee or a Common Law Spouse?

  • Posted

The concept of a ‘Common Law’ spouse is not a new one, but over the years the term has gone out of fashion so, I had believed the misconception was finally disappearing. I was therefore surprised to see the BBC using the term in their article ...

Sweeping reforms sought by The Times

  • Posted

I was interested to see on the front page of The Times recently that they are calling for an end to “unjust” and “outdated” divorce laws, and have started a campaign to modernise family law. One of the calls by The Times has...