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How important is a valid marriage? Part I

The legality of Sharia ‘nikaah’ marriage ceremonies have this week been tested by the Court in the case of Mrs Akhter and Mr Khan. Mrs Akhter and Mr Khan had a religious nikaah ceremony to celebrate their ‘marriage’. But the ceremony they held did not comply with English law. Their celebration was not in a place registered for weddings, no certificates were issued and no registrar was present. 

Mrs Akhter and Mr Khan had been together for 22 years following this non-qualifying ceremony. The Sharia ‘nikaah’ marriage ceremony is very quick, and can be informally by an Imam. In situations such as this, in order to have a legal marriage, the couple must undergo a civil ceremony as well, for example by seeing the Registrar at a local registry office.

During their 22 year relationship, Mr Khan built up substantial wealth. If the parties had a legal marriage then Mrs. Akhter would have significant claims over Mr. Khan’s assets. However, the Court reinforced the fact that nikaah marriages are not valid, and therefore not considered legal. Three family Judges have confirmed that the Sharia marriage 'had no legal effect'.

As a result, Mrs Akhter’s financial claims are now limited. She is not able to make the same range of financial claims against Mr Khan’s cash, property and pensions as she would have been able to do if the parties had completed the civil ceremony.

Marriage is not just a piece of paper, it carries a whole bundle of rights for both parties. It is therefore important to check the validity of a marriage, as the consequences upon separation can be devastating, as they have been for Mrs Akhter.


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