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David Richards


Dispute resolution

Will disputes

Family life and relationships are put under pressure when a loved one dies. That’s even more so when arguments break out over that person’s Will. But when they do, we’re here to help. 

Our lawyers specialise in helping customers sort out disputes involving contested probate quickly, sensibly and with finality. We have a dedicated Will disputes team, advising individuals, trustees and executors on issues of validity and process. 

The context varies from situation to situation. Some customers are looking to challenge a Will because the person who made it lacked mental capacity or was under undue influence. Some cases involve fraud or forgery. In others we advise on solicitors’ or Will writers’ negligence, or what to do if a Will has been lost. There are also cases in which people have been left out of Wills, or where they claim to have reached a separate agreement with the deceased. 

Sometimes there are disagreements about how an estate should be administered, and the person in charge of that (the executor) falls into dispute with beneficiaries and trustees. It’s not uncommon but, as with all disputes, unless handled properly this can quickly spiral into a more complex situation which takes far longer – and costs more - to resolve. 

That’s where our team makes all the difference. We’ll quickly understand your family dynamics, the nuances and issues. And we’ll advise you on what to do, guiding you through the legal process with one eye on preserving your important relationships. 

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