Settling disputes early so you can move on is our priority

David Richards


Dispute resolution

Contract disputes

Contracts give certainty. They confirm the promises that pass from one party to the other. But they’re a breeding ground for disputes, mainly because obligations are not always properly understood or met.

When you take out an insurance policy, book a flight, buy a warranty or hire a plumber, you expect to get what you pay for. That’s not always the way things turn out, and the law offers some protections.

Our dispute resolution lawyers will get into the detail of your contract, whether it’s one that has been written down or made during a conversation. We’re contract law specialists, so we know what can and can’t be included in agreements, and we’ll use the law to your advantage. 

More often than not, we’ll negotiate a settlement.  Sometimes cases go to Court, but that’s a last resort. There are now various alternative methods of resolving disputes - mediation and arbitration, for example – which are popular, less formal and more cost-effective mechanisms.

As with all disputes, the earlier you catch them, the better. Talk to us as soon as you become aware of an issue or potential issue. We’ll help you handle it and move on. 

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