Banbury Business Networking Club - Friday 8 September 2017

Marxist Capitalism: Rage within the Machine

The next BBNC breakfast meeting welcomes our guest speaker Simon Biltcliffe to give you an update on changes and topical issues that you may need to be aware of in your business. Using both Marxist and Capitalist principles together, Simon highlights how you can reward the I.E.F of not only the business, but everyone that works within it.

Simon will cover topics including:

  • Marxist-capitalism – what it is, how it works and how everyone benefits
  • Trust – the most important ingredient for business success
  • Challenges – lessons learnt from physical and mental challenges


Simon Biltcliffe is an award winning CEO, International public speaker and business expert; widely acclaimed for his talks on his Marxist-capitalist business model, as well as talks on employee motivation and running a thriving organisation in the 21st century.

From starting Webmart with just £10,000 of his own savings, Simon has turned the business into a £30M turnover organisation with just 44 employees whilst implementing his unconventional business model and maximising everyone’s I.E.F (Intellectual, Emotional and Financial) return.

Simon’s esteemed career in the print industry has lead him to be in the Print Week Power 100 over recent years and the success Webmart has achieved, has resulted in the business picking up awards from Lloyds National Business Awards over the past 3 years, including Highly Commended Employer of the Year in 2016.

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