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Compensation for violent assaults

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If you are unfortunate enough to suffer injury as a result of violent crime, you are entitled to apply for compensation to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).  An application needs to be made within two years of the assault, which can include physical injury, mental injury, mental or physical disease and sexual abuse or assault.

The minimum payment is £1,000 and maximum payment for a single injury is £250,000.  In addition, in certain circumstances, it is possible to apply for additional payments for loss of earnings and other expenses.

CICA will take into account any unspent criminal convictions and may reduce or refuse an award if the person assaulted had a criminal record.  It is very important that the assault is reported quickly to the Police as, if it is not reported, it’s unlikely that an award will be made, except under exceptional circumstances.

Applications have to made online and once the application is received by CICA it will investigate the claim.  This will usually involve obtaining the applicant’s medical records and Police records/reports.  Eventually, after the investigation is complete CICA will notify the applicant whether an award is to be made.  If no award is made, or if the award is deemed too low, the applicant can request a review and if CICA does not alter its opinion then an appeal hearing can be requested.  This will be an oral hearing in front of an independent panel, usually consisting of a mixture of lawyers and Doctors.

Examples of awards are:

•    loss of a leg - £33,000
•    severe burn - £11,000
•    loss of dominant hand - £55,000  

The first 26 weeks’ loss of earnings are not awarded.

Many people are unaware of their right to claim compensation when they suffer violent crime and Brethertons has acted for many clients who have had the unfortunate experience of being assaulted.  

It’s allowed us to play a part in the rehabilitation of clients and in re-building their lives. We offer clients a “no win no fee” funding scheme - should the client not receive any compensation he or she does not have to pay any costs to us. We will work our hardest for you to obtain the level of compensation that you deserve.

To discuss a claim please, contact us today.