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Life Under a Microscope..Making Difficult Decisions

The pandemic has invited us all to put our lives under the microscope and think about our choices. Things that we would normally take for granted have no longer been available to us and many of us have had to make some major adjustments to our lifestyle, some easier to manage than others!

For some it may have provoked huge anxiety and worry about their health, their wellbeing and their security, things that some of us fail to appreciate under normal circumstances. So many families have been affected in some way this year by the extraordinary circumstances caused by Covid-19, loss being a major factor in most cases. This may have been loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of something to look forward to and for some loss of the relationship with their partner.

The realisation that the desire to be with a partner has disappeared, along with the necessary feelings for them, can come as quite a shock. Couples can plod along for ages, their time taken up with work, children, the humdrum of daily life and not realise that they don’t love their partner as they should anymore. There doesn’t necessarily have to be a dramatic ending to a relationship, for example an affair or infidelity of some description. A relationship may not have any elements of abuse or power and control issues, some relationships can just naturally come to an end.

For some, lockdown has offered the opportunity to rejuvenate the couple relationship and maybe family life in general, for others it has afforded them the time to reflect and wonder whether they are with the partner that they want to spend the rest of their life with.

Some individuals or couples, if they are contemplating the future of their relationship, might seek some professional support. Ending a partnership or marriage is a significant, life changing decision and not one to be taken lightly and counselling may offer them the space to consider their options. The implications of separation need to be considered both on a practical and emotional level and whilst these repercussions shouldn’t stop someone ending an unhappy relationship, individuals may need to face the reality of severing the intimate ties with their partner.

Brethertons can offer individuals the opportunity to discuss the ending of a relationship in a safe, non-judgemental space. They have the right people to offer appropriate advice and guidance to those who seek it, be it either on a legal or on an emotional matter. If you feel you would like to talk things through with a Brethertons professional, please do make contact on 01788 557587 or if you would like to talk through any emotional issues please do email me:

Stay safe.