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How we can help with Landlord Clients and Problematic Tenants.

An introduction from Victoria Lea-Holton and Shivani Daudia on how we can help with Landlord Clients and Problematic Tenants.
"We wanted to make you aware of some of our legal service that may be of interest as we understand that you offer letting services as part of the range of services that you offer to your clients. Whilst the majority of tenants comply with their Tenancy Agreements, we understand that some of your Landlord Clients may experience ‘problematic Tenants’. Some examples of issues we have dealt with include; Tenants consistently defaulting on their obligations to pay rent, causing damage to the rental property or preventing access to the property, resulting in important safety inspections not being carried out. 
If your clients are experiencing these issues and wish to seek legal advice, our specialist team within the Dispute Resolution department would be happy to advise them on these issues and help them regain vacant possession of their property (if required). We will take great care to advise your clients of the possession proceedings process and how to navigate through what can be a strenuous process.
There are various legal obstacles which could arise in this process, where Landlords can fall foul of their obligations as set out by the Government. Consequences of failing to comply with these obligations can result to notices being held as invalid and delays in successfully obtaining vacant possession of a property. These obstacles include:
  • Failure to provide a section 48 notice
  • Failure to provide an EPC, gas certificate and an up to date, How to Rent Guide
  • Failure to secure the tenants deposit in a government approved DPS
  • With our efficient team on task, we take great care in carrying out thorough, preliminary reviews of the documentation available and apply the appropriate law in relation to the facts of the matter. This allows us to identify potential obstacles early on to avoid any delays in obtaining possession and to ensure that all necessary protocols are being complied with.
We pledge to offer your clients our competitive fixed fee rates and excellent service so that you know they are in safe hands.
If you would like to discuss further, we would be more than happy to come to meet you and discuss further over a coffee at your convenience.
Thank you so much for your time.
Kind regards,
Shivani and Victoria