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Valentine's Day

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Well it’s that time of year again and for those more optimistic than me it can be a time of anticipation and excitement. What could be better than waiting for a huge romantic gesture from either your partner or your potential new partner? I do wonder whether the day holds the same meaning though these days. In the good old days Valentine’s Day offered a means of telling someone anonymously that you liked them, found them attractive and maybe would like to take them out on a date. Has that idea become really outdated now in the world we now live in? Do young people go out on ‘dates’ any more or do they just advertise on social media what the state of their relationship is or even the lack of a relationship. Is it just a ‘swipe to the right’ on Tinder or Bumble that validates you and tells you that you are still attractive or would you prefer a card and some red roses? What about those who support feminism, would they be offended by a romantic gesture, such as a Valentine’s card telling them how much they’re ‘fancied’, do they need confirmation of their desirability in that way?

It does feel like a minefield, but nonetheless the shops are still full of hearts, flowers and cuddly toys from January onwards so I can only assume that there are plenty of people out there who are showing appreciation of another by taking this route.

How about those who won’t receive a card or flowers or anything else with a romantic connotation, how are they going to feel when the postman walks on or the doorbell doesn’t ring or there’s nothing in the inbox? Hopefully they won’t feel too disheartened and have enough self worth and confidence to put the day behind them and forget about it. This can be more challenging for those coming out of a relationship and maybe going through separation and divorce. This can be a low point for both men and women alike when they can feel quite worthless and unwanted and despite knowing realistically that there are plenty more going through similar circumstances, it can feel that the rest of the world is happy, ‘loved up’ and enjoying a romantic time with their partner. If you know someone who might be feeling like this please do drop them a text or give them a ring, just to check on them, I feel sure it will be appreciated.

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