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Cheryl Fernandez Versini divorces JB!

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Well speaking of January divorces none would appear to be quite as public as Cheryl Fernandez Versini’s! The decision to divorce from short term husband Jean-Bernard has obviously grabbed the attention of the tableaux newspapers and social media, all trying to make sense of what has happened between the couple.

His jealousy is mentioned, forgive me if I am being naïve but why would someone who has the sort of insecurities that manifest in them feeling jealous want to marry an international star who is constantly in demand in one way or another? It doesn’t seem to make much sense but I guess stranger things have happened. The opportunity to have a ‘normal’ couple relationship out of the public eye would seem virtually impossible, there seems to be constant expectation that every area of a celebrity’s life will be made available to both their fans and their critics, so to be married to someone who is constantly in the public arena must be incredibly challenging at times.

“Not lifting a finger” is another allegation thrown at Jean-Bernard, the Mail Online saying that Cheryl had grown “tired of Jean-Bernard's 'laziness,' which pushed her to 'breaking point.'”. If this were to be the case the cynic in me would say why would someone who has married a woman worth £20 million believe they have to work and equally why would Cheryl think that he would want to or expect to? I begin to wonder if Cheryl is her own worst enemy, clichés spring to mind such as; “learn by your mistakes”, “marry in haste, repent at leisure” and “get a grip”. It feels as though she isn’t looking at the whole picture – her wealth, fame and lifestyle cannot be ignored and are bound to influence her relationships and her partner’s expectations like most people I am sure she wants to be loved for who she is rather than what she symbolises, but I am not sure how realistic that is.

She seems to enjoy the idea of being in a committed relationship but is not very good at picking the right men and she would appear inclined to jump straight in to a new relationship fairly swiftly after the previous one has ended. For most people a period of recovery and reflection is the better path, the chance to look at the broken relationship and try to understand why it ended can be pivotal when making a choice of partner next time round.

Tough though it can be, gaining better self awareness and identifying what you contribute to a relationship can be enormously helpful to any individual.

So come on Cheryl remember your Instagram posting as referred to by the Mail Online;
'Sending love to all the women out there trying to love themselves in a world that constantly tells them not to'.

Take some time to learn to love and value yourself and then maybe you will choose a man who will love and value you too!

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