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From time to time I blog about some of the letters that I receive from candidates wanting to join my firm. I hate it when letters are not addressed properly, or contain typographical errors. It is unfortunate as the lack of attention often lands them on the “do not interview” pile.

I think candidates should also be aware if they apply to progressive and diligent law firms they will also be checked out on social media.

If you have a Twitter account, Facebook account or Linkedin account (as I would hope you to) expect to have it checked out by prospective employers.

I can absolutely say that what candidates post on Twitter has often left me questioning their integrity and questioning how I would feel about having them in my firm. Whilst it is not the sole recruitment criteria, I use it to get a feel for the person who would be coming into a firm – and once or twice what I have read has been so negative and contradictory to our values that it absolutely was taken into consideration when deciding whether to shortlist the candidate or not.

What might seem perfectly harmless banter at 2am on a Friday morning, may come back to bite you.

If you are participating with social media (and again I stress that it is a good thing), then think of assembling in your living room, your mum and dad, your children, your best friend, your last employer and your grandparents. If what you say on social media is likely to offend any one of the above, then just don’t say it! #useyournoggin!