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One hell of a ride!

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When I first found out about the Twin Town 2016 challenge, I just had to put my name forward – mainly in a bid to expel those horrible stereotypical thoughts people have about ‘women drivers’ and of course, to have a chance at raising some cash for a worthy cause.   

Admittedly, I'm not one for sporty events that involve getting exhausted and sweaty in order to raise money and so a driving challenge was exactly up my street and something I felt I could really contribute to. 

Ever since I was little I've loved cars, it's most probably a passion I caught from my dad. Watching Top Gear with him and fighting over which one of us would own a Porsche or a Ferrari first are some of the best memories I have of him. It wasn’t the fast flashy cars that we really enjoyed - it was the special episodes where they would take a cheap banger of a car and test it to the limit by driving across continents trying their best to break them. These were my favourites and I remember thinking "I want to do that". It’s these memories that made this an impossible opportunity to miss. And, again, the chance to make some money for charity whilst doing this....amazing! 

Of course, you do wonder how you'll spend four days ‘alone’ with work colleagues but I've been reassured by my mum that she and my dad spent a good few hours in a cafe in Le Touquet. So I'm looking forward to getting into the local culture with my work colleagues and really ‘bonding’ in those cafes (or perhaps drinking some funny beers!). 

Some might ask what my other worries are but honestly, I have none. I'm confident that we will, as Brethertonian 99ers, give this our best shot and try to have some fun on the way (as well as proving that not all lawyers are stuffy and boring…..honest). 

I just hope my colleagues can put up with my driving (hopefully they won't compare it to a horrifying theme park ride which someone compared my dad's driving to!) as I am known to have a heavy right foot at times. Maybe they'll just be horrified by my singing...who doesn’t like to belt out Meat Loaf at the top of their lungs....there is a radio in the car right – maybe the radio is worth more than the car?! With any luck one of the upcoming challenges will be based on singing because I'm sure to do well with that one - just ask any of the people I passed on my way to the Lake District a few weekends ago, they must have heard it.

So, the car itself? I’ve heard about the struggle that it had driving from Bicester to Banbury! Nevertheless, I have every confidence that it will be in good shape for May and time will tell once the rubber meets the road. If not, I’ll just crank up the music if there’s an odd noise until we can’t hear it anymore.

Of the challenges listed so far, I'm really looking forward to the blind driving challenge. That's sure to test our team’s ability to trust each other. Let's just hope it's near the end before I do scare my companions too much. 
I just hope you’re ready Rosie, Alistair and Steven – you’re in for one hell of a ride…