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Brethertons Support for Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research

We were pleased to visit SMSR – Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research - at the National Spinal Injuries Centre this week where we met with Charlotte Minoprio and Derek Cutler as their new fundraising year begins.

Brethertons has a long tradition of supporting spinal cord injuries charities and projects. As specialist spinal cord injuries solicitors, we use our expertise and experience to pursue multi million pounds compensation claims, but we are acutely aware that most people who suffer a spinal cord injury do not have grounds to make a compensation claim.

Whilst those that have a legal claim and are successful in pursuing it attract substantial sums of money via the legal process, the vast majority of people who suffer a spinal cord injury are dependent on their savings, what the State can provide, and of course charity.

Of course, money can sometimes make some things a bit easier yet for most the immediate and practical day to day difficulties that spinal cord injury involves don’t go away.

We are passionate about our work in helping individual clients, but we are just as passionate about doing what we can to help the wider spinal cord injuries community. We are particularly keen to ensure that the charities and projects we support use as much of the money they raise as is possible to make the biggest impact that is possible to help people affected by spinal cord injury who would otherwise not be helped.

It is why we have supported a range of small and impactful projects and charitable causes and it is why we pleased to be supporting SMSR.

SMSR raises money to fund research that is designed to address specific problems that people with spinal cord injuries endure on a day-to-day basis. The research work SMSR funds is perhaps less about finding a cure for spinal cord injury, and more about the here and now. For example, SMSR presently funds research looking at assistive technology and its role in improving upper limb function; how to better manage neuropathic pain; pressure ulcer care; and the prevention of urinary tract infections.

Just as consumers of products and services have come to expect more for their money, so too have donors to charities. It is important to us that we can see a direct and positive impact any donation we make will have on the people that spinal cord injuries charities and causes we are asked to support are set up to assist.

Of course, the extent of unmet need where spinal cord injuries are concerned means that there is always room for contributions of all sizes and from all quarters in the hope that a positive difference can be made. The small, nimble, and impactful contributions we can make seem to be more important than ever. That is why we are pleased to support SMSR.

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Sian Buxton of Brethertons Solicitors meeting with Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research's Research Grants Director Derek Cutler