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Brethertons Solicitors Announce the Appointment of Five New Trainee Solicitors

Brethertons are delighted to announce the appointment of five trainee solicitors. Training contracts have been awarded to paralegal staff members; Jules Mackenzie, Amber Morris, Pamela Pagani, Jemma Bryans and Victoria Lea-Holton.

The training contracts offered at Brethertons allow the trainee solicitors to develop a strong foundation of legal knowledge and understanding of the nature and delivery of legal services to a wide and varied customer base.  The “Training Seats,” at Brethertons have been designed to give the trainees a wide variety of experience which practically supports their development and understanding of the law. Additionally, the structure allows the trainees adequate time to focus on their individual areas of interest and to support the legal teams into which the trainees will eventually qualify. It also provides each of them with a framework within which they can strengthen their professional skills set and gives them a strong footing for their future career in law.

This year’s intake were all existing internal candidates who were selected in support of the Brethertons’ aim to “develop their own lawyers and to invest in future talent.”

Alison McCormack, CEO at Brethertons, says “We are delighted to offer traineeships to these five excellent candidates. We look forward to supporting these individuals and enabling them to grow into successful solicitors. By investing in our people and building upon, ‘The Knowledge Within,’ we aim to ensure our employees are knowledgeable, happy and motivated which in turn supports them to provide exemplary legal advice and service  to each of our customers”.  


For more information contact:

Charlotte Ogilvie

Marketing Assistant

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