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A Different Sort Of Holiday

You’ve sorted out the holiday wardrobe, you’ve bought a generous supply of sun creams, checked the passports and got your money supply sorted. The holiday reading is in the case sandwiched in between those exotic, glamorous garments that you would never think of wearing in this country. Everything sorted, now it’s just a case of getting there on the plane, nothing that a large gin and tonic and a good movie won’t cure – flight nerves will be banished in a flash.

You’re hoping that your other half is looking forward to the holiday as much as you are, spending time together, lying by the pool and relaxing in the sun sounds just like what you both need. Of course having his children there will be a bit different to what you’re used to, but surely at 9 and 11 they will be able to occupy themselves, won’t they? They are surely old enough now to know that dad deserves some ‘me time’, especially as you’re there with them this year as his new partner. They’ll probably be on their phones all the time anyway talking to their friends; they won’t be interested in what the adults are doing. Maybe they’ll be some form of baby-sitting service at the hotel that you can use so that just the two of you can squeeze in some long, leisurely, romantic meals whilst your there, it would be such a shame to be away and not sample the local cuisine in all its entirety. Maybe check with the partner, see if he knows some good local restaurants, after all he’s been a few times with the kids on his own already...

Well that conversation didn’t go as planned, it would appear that his idea of your time away is completely different to the one you have. He said it will be a family holiday and you will have to join in all the ‘family’ activities that he usually does with the children; water parks, the local zoo, scuba diving, jet ski-ing, traditional Greek plate smashing at a family run restaurant near by. No up-market wining and dining, the children aren’t too keen on trying new things and you’ll have to get in at a reasonable hour otherwise the kids will be too tired to get up in the morning. It’s tradition to get up early, have breakfast, then go down to the beach for a swim. He actually laughed at the idea of taking books to read – when did you think you would have the time to read?

Oh, and by the way he said, neither of the kids are keen on flying so they will have to be kept occupied on the flight to avoid them getting distressed. 

Some holiday this is going to be!

If you’re looking forward to your first holiday with a new partner who has children, it’s a good idea to discuss expectations and arrive at some joint decisions about how the holiday might work. You then can possibly avoid any disappointment and potential conflict that could arise. If you have any questions or comments around this topic then please don’t hesitate to contact me confidentially on the details above.