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Families are complex. There’s no doubt about that. A rich mix of characters, relationships and circumstances; every family is unique - and vulnerable to change and breakdown. We see this every day in our work with customers, and we’re proud of the part we play in getting them through difficult times.

Much of what we do is about untying relationships. Our solicitors are among the most experienced family lawyers in England and Wales, delivering advice in plain English, as well as French, Spanish, Italian, German, Urdu, Hindu, Gujarati and Punjabi. Individually we are highly rated by the legal directory, Chambers 2017.

The way in which the team works is to put themselves in the customer's position and offer not just legal advice, but emotional support. Our family law team is ranked in the top band of law firms in our area for providing advice and guidance on divorce and separation. In particular they focus on cases which include complex financial disputes over legal assets such as pension funds, offshore assets and family businesses.

Divorce is a life changing event and not just a legal matter and many emotions will be involved including fear, pain and anger. Each member of the team is trained in how to support you if you are experiencing these emotions.

We’re recognised for our sensitivity towards customers and our determination to get the best possible results for them. And results are as much about practicalities as finances. Above all is the need for children to have security and stability, and we’re well-known for our commitment to this. That’s whether parents are separating or where there are issues about their children’s well-being while the family is still together; we’re experts in childcare matters, particularly complex care proceedings.  

Because our job as family lawyers is to deal with situations that affect people during their relationship, as well as once it’s over, we’re experts in international child abduction cases where the permanent residence of children is disputed by parents and guardians, and we handle cases of domestic and sexual abuse and international adoption and surrogacy.

Within our team are trained mediators and collaborative law specialists who work with couples to resolve their differences and enable them to move on. We also have a skilled Family Consultant who provides counselling to help people, including children, through the process of separation.

Of course none of us knows what the future holds, but our team is here for you when things take an unexpected turn. We’re also here to help bring as much certainty as you can to your future by advising on the implications of co-habitation, marriage and civil partnerships before you embark on them. We prepare pre-marital agreements for clients who want to be clear about their individual as well as their joint position in law. And we’ll advise you on making the right financial provision for your children’s future.

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