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What is a Trustee?

This week, 7th – 13th November, is Trustees week. In the UK there are just over 1 million charitable trustees. 

I’ve been asked before what a trustee is. The word says it all!  You are trusted to help to lead and develop an organisation, take responsibility for funds held for someone else and make balanced decisions. I am a trustee for Myton Hospice and also act as a trustee for clients who want me to protect funds for their loved ones. These are two very different roles but each as important. For me, volunteering as a Trustee for Myton was a way to give back to a wonderful organisation which has provided support to my family.

The Trustee role encompasses more than just looking after finances. You need to get to know the organisation and people you are working with, find out their aims and needs and ultimately ensure that you are acting in their best interests. No two days are the same.

Acting as a Trustee is not a role to be taken on lightly but can and does provide a real sense of fulfilment. You can make a difference to those who rely on the funds to help them, whether it is through working with a charity or acting for a family friend who wants to protect funds for future generations. 

Trustees are required who have experience in all walks of life and there are many charities looking for volunteer trustees. You can find links to organisations with vacancies here: 

For questions about acting as a Trustee for friends or family, please contact my team here.