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Twin Town Diary - Saturday and Sunday

Le Weekend

Written by Alistair ‘Awesome Navigator’’ Spencer and Steve ‘Stirling Moss’ Neasham

Saturday 28th May 2016
The second day was the treasure hunt! This consisted of a 30 mile road trip around the countryside of Le Touquet trying to identify about 30 landmarks ranging from restaurant signs to various crucifixes in Churchyards, horse signs and a fire hydrant. It was tempting to obscure the number on the fire hydrant but discretion being the better part of valour the Brethertons 99ers and we did no such thing (despite one of our team – who will remain nameless – thinking about it)! Points were awarded for the most number of correct identifications of the land marks. 

The weather on this day was absolutely brilliant which allowed us to stop half way round the route for a beverage in a very agreeable Auberge. Later that day, we had a meal out in Le Touquet with other merry teams which made it an even more memorable part of the Twin Town weekend!

Sunday 29th May 2016
A day of many challenges at the Abbeville racing circuit! The first was driving blind around a course in the quickest time and without knocking over any obstacles. Dani drove this amazingly well, helped by Steve’s clear directions. Next, it was Rosie’s turn to drive around a course with the rest of the Brethertons 99ers holding onto two huge cardboard boxes on the roof with rope. The third challenge was to change a wheel in the quickest possible time which we did after managing to persuade a rival team to unbolt the wheel covers. This was followed by the final car booty challenge for which we had spent part of the previous day in an Intermarche supermarket buying the items for the challenge.

Although not a challenge, we then took to the track in the Lexus for what had optimistically been called ‘Parade Laps’. The other drivers thought otherwise and it ended up being a race behind a safety car with cars spinning off the track and even being nudged off by other competitors. The Lexus led and fought for the lead in those laps with Alistair and Steve driving.  

The evening finished with a street party in Le Touquet for all the Twin Town Teams which was a great opportunity for making new friends and networking.