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Twin Town Diary - Friday

The Off!

Written by Dani ‘Demon Driver’ Green

Friday 27th May 2016
It was a rather early start for the Brethertons 99ers as we headed off to Blenheim Palace in our pride and joy, Lexi the Lexus. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a bacon butty and a bottle of the beer that had been named by us after winning the ‘name the beer’ challenge.

After a quick pep talk and a sneak peek at the other teams’ cars and outfits, a convoy headed to Silverstone where we were met with a safety briefing and a reminder of #itsnotarace. Then off we headed. 

After a couple of parade laps around Silverstone where all our team had a chance at driving the infamous track the journey to Folkestone began. There was some predictable traffic on the M25 and a pit stop for petrol as well as driving round a roundabout the wrong way (much to the entertainment of other Twin Towners), but we finally reached the Tunnel. This gave us a bit of time to have a stretch in our own exclusive car parking area. It was also a very good opportunity to mingle with the competition, take selfies and show off Lexi, to which if you haven’t already realised, the Brethertons 99ers have grown quite attached!

Before we knew it we had arrived at Calais and were driving on the ‘wrong side’ of the road. We found the apartment and then rushed off to the Tennis Centre for dinner and drinks.  

After a quick bite to eat, a bit of music, dancing, making friends and realising that some of the cars had still not made it to Le Touquet they called it a night! It was important we got some sleep and let Lexi rest as we were keen to keep our lead!