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Tribunal Fees Update

The uncertainty regarding Tribunal Fees continues.  The President of the Employment Tribunals has said that all claims brought “in reliance upon the decision of the Supreme Court” in the Unison case are to be stayed.

This means that claims which were dismissed or struck out due to non-payment of tribunal fees, those who were unable to take a claim to tribunal because they were unable to pay the high fees can now apply to have their claim reinstated. Generally, any claim which has been struck out or dismissed is finished and cannot be presented to the tribunal again. This order impacts claims which are within the statutory time limit for bringing a claim and those which are being  brought outside of the statutory time limit.

This may give many a second chance to seek justice. However, with these claims ‘on hold’, it remains to be seen how tribunals will deal with these cases. 

And so the saga continues…


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