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How do I support my elderly relative during Lockdown?

With lockdown still affecting a lot of people whose health could be at risk if they catch Covid-19, we are supporting our loved ones in lots of different ways.

Keeping in touch

Some families and friends have made sure that their relative feels supported by putting together rotas for keeping in touch. There are so many ways to do this using technology such as phone calls, talking face to face over Facetime or Whatsapp, or using Zoom to do activities like quizzes. Some families have kept in contact at a safe distance either in the garden or on the doorstep to ward off loneliness, as well as supporting family members practically by doing their shopping or taking them out for appointments.

Supporting them with their finances

So what happens if when you are supporting your relative you notice, or they tell you, that they need support to manage their finances?

A lot of people think you can only use a registered Lasting Power of Attorney when the person who made it (the donor) has lost capacity - but that is not the case. 

If the donor feels that they would like their Attorneys to help them manage their money, because either because they don’t feel they can manage their money any longer or they just need help during a particular period, then they can ask their Attorneys to help them.

They can still retain control of their money, because their Attorneys are there to help them and must consult them about financial decisions involving their finances, but they can take some of the worry awayIf your relative has made an Enduring Power of Attorney it can be used, unregistered if they still have capacity, however the document needs to be registered when the person starts to lose capacity so it can continue to be used.

Making a Lasting Power of Attorney

If your loved one has said they want some help with managing their finances, and they don’t already have a Lasting or Enduring Power of Attorney, we are here to help them make the document appointing someone they trust to support them with their finances.

For more advice about making a Lasting Power of Attorney please contact Veronica Male, our Court of Protection specialist, on 01788 557 574 or by email on

For information about making Lasting Powers of Attorney and the role of an Attorney please visit our Attorney pages.