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Happy Halloween! Now let's talk about Christmas...

The clocks have changed and autumn is well and truly underway; bringing soggy leaves and (already!) pink, frosty mornings.  It’s an exciting time of year, with its pops and bangs and sparkle and parties…

Or is it?  Perhaps you’ve started planning the team Christmas do or the cross-departmental off-site party and how much alcohol to bulk order.  Are you facing another festive season of desk-decorating one-upmanship and drunken squabbles around the Christmas tree?

Employers - be sure to avoid causing religious offence or teetotaller embarrassment; breaching health and safety laws or facing employment claims as a result of improper employee conduct at work parties.  

Listen to Amy Edwards and I at 10am this 5th of November for a live webinar refresher on how to plan ahead to ensure your whole business enjoys the Christmas period.  We’re going to cover:


  • Policy and preparation;
  • Employee behaviour and business liability;
  • Potential discrimination – what are the risks?
  • The Christmas party (and the aftermath!);
  • Health and safety considerations.


Please sign up here to join us – it promises to be an enlightening discussion!

In the meantime, as ever, get in contact directly if we can help you with any employment law queries or concerns. If our employment team can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch with us or contact any of our offices: BanburyBicester and Rugby. You can contact us directly on 01295 270999 or visit our website


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