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Our Innovative Approach: Why we are offering our fixed fee divorce for a third of the price.

It is a common misconception that divorce is a simple and easy process, especially with the large, confusing and repetitive information that can be found on the internet. What is not advertised is the risk that is taken in relation to one’s legal rights if the appropriate legal advice is not sought. To achieve the best outcome in a divorce, it is important to receive the right legal advice tailored to the situation.

Now more than ever, our divorce customers are seeking our advice after attempting to complete their divorce application themselves and then facing issues that they were not prepared for. It is very easy to enter information incorrectly, which leaves the potential for future claims wide open. Just because a divorce is finalised, does not necessarily mean that all financial ties have been severed and we deal with hundreds of cases on a daily basis that relate to income, capital, pensions and inheritance post-divorce. We believe that taking expert legal advice at the beginning of the process ensures that all necessary rights and interests are protected from the outset.

We set out to make the divorce process as straightforward and as stress-free as possible for our customers, while ensuring that they receive the highest quality legal advice. That is why we now offer divorce services for a fixed price of £250 + VAT, with much faster turnaround times.

Linda Jones, Director of Legal Services, commented on our new Fixed Fee Divorce approach: “We are dealing with an increased amount of customers who have had issues relating to their legal rights not being covered in the correct way as a result of handling their divorce themselves. Divorce is a very difficult process for all parties involved, without the added stress when things go wrong. Our new approach to Fixed Fee Divorce combines the speed of the court process as well as expert legal advice at an affordable price. We are pleased to be able to make this difficult time slightly easier on our customers, emotionally and financially.”

We have been able to offer savings to our customers of almost a third as a result of HM Courts & Tribunals granting us early access to their new online portal. We are one of the few select law firms that have been chosen to use this portal before it is officially rolled out to the rest of the country. This special access granted to us means that we can guarantee our customers a quicker turnaround time on their divorce.

We understand that, when going through a divorce, it is important to ensure that our customers' right are protected. This new process means our lawyers are able to focus their expertise individually on each case resulting in efficiencies and cost savings that we are able to pass onto our customers. 

We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality service and we ensure that our customers have the best support system available to them and their families. Along with our Fixed Fee Divorce, we offer mediation and counselling services with our in-house experts from all of our locations and remotely in some cases. We also hold various workshops every month to help parents cope with separating while also supporting the needs of children. These are free to attend.

Please feel free to ring our Family Team on 01788 557700 for more information.