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Divorce and the Family Farm

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If you are in the farming community and in the midst of a separation, the thought of divorce and somehow untangling assets is probably one keeping you awake at night.

However, whilst cases which centre around a family farm can be complicated, we at Brethertons are here and ready to guide you through the process in as clean a way as possible.

We understand the issues. There may be numerous businesses operating from your farm; partnerships, sole traders or even limited companies. There may be other family members living on site, or perhaps even in the main farm house. Perhaps the farm was inherited and has been passed down through the generations. There may be some complicated tax planning structures at play. You may have an interest in the farm as one of a number of beneficiaries in a Will Trust.

With Brexit on the horizon this may be a particularly anxiety inducing time with the Basic Payment Scheme about to change dramatically, and therefore you may be anticipating potential issues with cash flow.

If you fall into this category, either as a farmer or as a separating partner of a farmer, we can help you. First, we will need to speak to you of course, and then head out to your turf for a site visit. That way we can get to know you and have a good look at your farm, your land, your circumstances, and advise you as to how best to move forward with as little acrimony as possible.

We have offices in Rugby, Banbury and Bicester and are well situated to assist you in areas ranging from North Warwickshire down to Buckinghamshire, and the Cotswolds and Gloucestershire across to Northamptonshire.

If you need some assistance, please contact a member of our Family team.