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Coronavirus and Contact

In these uncertain times, a lot of parents are concerned about what to do if their children want to see a parent they don’t live with or if there is a Court order in place that says they must send their children for contact.

First of all, don’t panic  The government have issued guidance to say that it is permitted for children to leave their home during lockdown to see their other parent. It is wise to check whether the other parent (or anyone in their household) is showing symptoms or has come into contact with anyone who has symptoms of coronavirus. If so, they need to self isolate and should not be coming into contact with anyone. If anyone in your household has symptoms, you must stay at home and contact cannot take place. Contact can resume once that period of self isolation has finished. 

If you or your children have any underlying health conditions, it is not recommended that contact takes place. Please take advice from your GP or NHS 111 with your specific concerns. 

If you are concerned about travelling, it may be best to make other arrangements during these circumstances. Can the other parent collect and return if they have transport rather than you and your children taking public transport?

If you usually have supervised contact, could this take place by video calls instead of face to face contact? This is recommended where a lot of the usual venues for contact are now closed. 

CAFCASS have issued guidance for contact during the coronavirus outbreak and this can be found here. Their message is that parents need to work together where possible and help their children through these times. 

If you have any queries, or need some further advice, do not hesitate to contact the Family Team on 01295 270999 or contact Melanie Tubbs (Senior Associate) on 07969 077 776.

Alternatively, you can leave an enquiry by visiting our website.


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