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Carers Week is approaching...

The invaluable contribution made by carers cannot be underestimated. With the number of unpaid carers on the rise, it is essential that they receive help and support. The sandwich generation can find themselves not only looking after their children but also caring for an aging older generation and balancing work alongside it all.  Not only is this, but the number of people in their 80's providing care to another has risen by nearly two fifths according to Age UK.

Carers week is the time to recognise the needs of these carers. These carers not only provide day to day support but could be helping with finances as well as making decisions regarding medical care and treatment.

The Care Act 2014 places a duty on the Local Authority to provide an assessment where it appears that a carer may need support. Unfortunately, not all carers are aware of this and there can be a lengthy wait for the assessment to be completed.

Carers also need support in ensuring that they have the right legal basis to make the decisions for those they care about. Having a Power of Attorney or Deputyship in place can assist in providing the carer with the backing to know that they can request support from the Local Authority, challenge a decision made and deal with the household finances.