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Can I Carry Out Alterations To My Flat?

The lockdown has been a great opportunity for most people to finally get around to that bit of DIY, decorating or, in some cases, complete overhaul of their properties that they’ve been wanting to do for a while. 

However, if you are a long leaseholder, it isn’t always as simple as just getting on with the works you want to carry out.  You may actually want to review your lease to see whether you need the landlord’s consent to carry out your proposed works. 

If you do carry out any works that require consent before obtaining that consent, you could be in breach of your lease. 

There isn’t a general rule when it comes to what works can be freely done without consent, what works may need your landlord’s consent and what works may be completely prohibited.  Each lease can be different so it is important to check your own lease first. 

You may need your landlord’s consent to carry out works such as those that alter the:

  1. structure in some way,
  2. plumbing or electrics,
  3. layout such as partitioning,
  4. fixtures and fittings, etc. 

You may need to present the landlord with a schedule of the works you are proposing to undertake and any drawings of the new layout. 

If the landlord is willing and able to grant consent for the works, it is usual for the parties to enter into a Licence to Alterations which clearly confirm what works are to be carried, how and when they can be carried out, if anything needs to be completed before the works begin or once they’ve finished. 

If you are looking to make alterations to your property, or if you are a landlord concerned by alterations that have been made within your block without your consent, please contact Dani Green, a Senior Associate within our Residential Leasehold Team on 01295 661458 to discuss your options further.