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What do Harry Potter, Pippi Longstocking and Paddington Bear all have in common?

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If you’re imagining a bespectacled boy with a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead, a wild girl with red piglets who keeps a horse in the house, or a bear with a suitcase full of marmalade sandwiches, then you already have your answer.  All three of them are characters who have been so vividly drawn that they live on years after the books in which they appeared have been put back on the shelves.
So how did J K Rowling, Astrid Lindgren and Michael Bond create such memorable characters?  Boys, girls and, er, bears who are as real to us as our neighbours, friends and relatives?

Come and find out at Rugby’s Festival of Culture’s fun and interactive children’s writing workshop, held at Brethertons offices at 11 am on Saturday 27th June where author Julia Wills will share some tricks for building memorable characters and show you how to match them to the stories which only they can tell.