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Sally Clark

I Am Getting Divorced - Why Do I Need To Make A Will?

  • Posted

The short answer is that everyone should have an up to date Will to ensure that their wishes are put into effect after their death. However, it is particularly important to check whether you need to make, or amend a Will when you are going through any...

How are Brethertons providing legal services in lockdown?

  • Posted

The straightforward answer to that question is in the same way we have always done, being focused on our client’s needs, providing accurate and high quality legal advice and dealing promptly and efficiently with your legal requirements. The way we are...

Separation Agreements - what are they?

  • Posted

In the UK, the amount of married couples separating is on the rise year after year. I often get asked if it is possible to resolve financial matters before deciding to formally end a marriage and start divorce proceedings. The answer is yes, a separation...

Am I a common law husband or wife?

  • Posted

The very short answer to this question is “no”. Legally there is no such thing as a common law husband or wife. It is a very common misconception that if you live with another person for a period of time that you acquire rights in relation to...

The rules on taking children abroad - holidays and relocation

  • Posted

It might not be as simple as you think taking your children on holiday. Do not fall into the traps that many parents face when taking their children on a holiday abroad. What many parents don’t realise is that whether it is for a short period for a...