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Monique Wagner

I have received a C67, what should I do?

  • Posted

A C67 is an application form used to initiate proceedings for the return of a child to a certain Country under the Hague Convention 1980. The International Child Abduction and Contact Unit (ICACU) is a government organisation that helps the Applicant parent...

Is Mediation Worth it?

  • Posted

The court process for many is lengthy, stressful, and highly emotional. Many individuals believe that court room is the only solution. However, mediation can be a suitable alternative where parties want to avoid the emotional roller coaster of court. ...

Family mediation scheme to help thousands more parents

  • Posted

Mediation is the process whereby an independent trained mediator help parties reach a solution when there is a dispute regarding children or finances. Mediation helps parties come up with their own solution and avoid the court system. Solicitors can also be...

What is a stranded spouse?

  • Posted

Stranded spouses is the term used when a family travels abroad on holiday and one spouse is intentionally left behind either with or without the child(ren). One spouse deliberately removes the other spouse's and/or the child(ren)’s passport and...

Am I Eligible For Legal Aid?

  • Posted

Legal Aid is a government funded scheme that helps individuals who are on low income access legal advice/representation. Once granted, a legal aid certificate will cover legal costs including Solicitor fees, counsel’s fees and disbursements such as...