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Jemma Bryans

Who are Cafcass and what is a safeguarding letter?

  • Posted

Who are Cafcass? Cafcass stands for Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service. They were first formed on 1 st April 2001 as part of the Government’s commitment to supporting families and children. Cafcass...

The President of the Family Division's memorandum on drafting court orders - What does this mean?

  • Posted

Introduction Sir Andrew McFarlane, the President of the Family Division issued a memorandum setting out the correct approach that should be taken when draft orders in the Family Court. This is available on the website. Standard Orders ...

COVID-19 Vaccine for children aged 12 - 15 - What if you do not agree with your partner/ex-partner or child?

  • Posted

The topic of vaccinating young children has been in wide discussion for parents, the Government, and chief medical officers. Recently the Government has accepted the recommendation from the UK’s medical officers that children between the ages of 12 to...

What the case of H-N And Others (Children) means for Domestic Abuse in Finding of Fact Hearings

  • Posted

The long-awaited Judgment of H-N And Others (Children) was handed down on 30 th March 2021. There were four cases (joined on appeal) before the Court of Appeal. The appeals were particularly looking at the process in which the Courts consider domestic...

Can I still see my children during lockdown?

  • Posted

COVID-19 has had a big impact on the country and we are here to provide guidance to support families and children as the situation around COVID-19 develops. The government published guidelines on staying at home and keeping a social distance away from other...

How do I enforce my Child Arrangements Order?

  • Posted

A problem that can unfortunately arise from having the benefit of a Child Arrangements Order is when a parent or other individual named in the order fails to comply with the provisions of the order. To apply to enforce your Child Arrangements Order you must...