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Ben Foley

The success of the pre-action protocol for debt claims?

  • Posted

Are you a property manager looking to recover a debt from a tenant and/or guarantor (where the tenant/guarantor is an individual)? This blog reviews the pre-action protocol for debt claims and how successful it has been since its introduction. ...

Cheques received in full and final settlement

  • Posted

This is an issue that recurs time and time again; your client owes you a sum of money and for any number of reasons they decide they do not want to make payment in full. They then send you a cheque for part of the balance together with a letter stating it is...

Tips to avoid bad debts - Tip 2

  • Posted

The second tip I discuss as part of a series of hints and tips on how to minimise bad debts and improve your cash flow is ‘Terms and Conditions’: 2. Terms and conditions Make sure you have a set of terms and...

Tips to avoid bad debts - Tip 1

  • Posted

Imagine a world where your invoices were paid immediately they became due and you never had to spend time chasing payment. A world where no customers had to be put on “stop” because their account was overdue. And where you never had to deal with...