EU Referendum

No business can escape the current debate and it appears almost impossible to identify accurate/relevant information for the “In” or “Out” camp. 

There was a Law Society/Bar Council supported cross party discussion in front of a panel of eminent lawyers to discuss Brexit and the impact on our consititution, financial services and employment rights. The opinions expressed were that it could take up to 10 years to make the break, employment rights would become uncertain and financial services would be disrupted as many companies used the UK as a gateway into the EU. It was also pointed out that even our criminal justice measures could also be put in jeopardy with issues regarding the sharing of information and European Arrest Warrants.

The most ardent EU supporter cannot claim the structure is perfect and the most committed Brexit advocate has to admit that there is considerable uncertainty about the consequences of exit.

Perhaps it is worth trying to reconcile the issue by considering the history of the EU. The principal architects (Robert Schuman & Jean Monnet) were determined that the lessons of 2 World Wars had to be learnt and their idea was to create a closer dependancy/cooperation between European states for the raw ingredients of warfare: coal and steel. The birth of the European Coal & Steel Community (ECSC) took place and was the pre-cursor of the Common Market, now the European Union (EU).

Perhaps if the debate was conducted with such fundamental principles in mind the choice might become clearer. To quote one of our greatest leaders (Winston Churchill) the politics of “jaw, jaw” are infinitely preferable to those of “war,war”.

We can’t advise on how you should vote but we can continue to provide relevant and timely advice for you and your business. We are pleased to announce the arrival of additional members to the team (Claire Halle-Smith, Nicole Romera & Danneka Morgan). If you would like advise, please contact us.