Corporate Social Responsibility

We take great pride in the work we do in securing compensation for people who have suffered life changing injuries. But not everyone who suffers a life changing injury is able to pursue a claim that leads to a significant amount of compensation.

We are acutely aware of the difference we can make as litigation specialists, but it is just important to us to help the wider community of people who suffer life changing injuries.

The help we can offer outside of litigation services obviously extends to involving our colleagues who provide legal advice and assistance to people who have suffered life changing injury whether they have a compensation claim or not. So for example we can help with powers of attorney and wills work. We can hep with selling and buying a new house. Our colleagues can help with employment law advice and family law advice.

But we want to be able to ensure that those who have suffered life changing injury are helped in less obvious ways than most might assume a law firm could help with. We have direct links to peer support services, to financial advice and assistance professionals, to not for profit benefits advisors and to our own in house counselling support professional.

But beyond that we are passionate about helping the wider community of people who need help after life changing injury.

Whilst we tend not to seek attention for it, we pride ourselves on being nimble and decisive where by doing the right thing we can make a real and practical difference to people who might benefit from our support.

For example we have helped fund an off-site rehabilitation programme where patients at the National Spinal Injuries Centre in Stoke Mandeville could get offsite as part of their post injury adjustment rehabilitation. We have helped patient groups keep active with IT support and equipment. We have helped arrange cinema evenings for patients in rehabilitation. We have supported the purchase of exoskeleton equipment for patients to try in the hospital setting.

We have offered consultancy roles to injured people we have helped and we like to keep in touch with those we have helped and their families years after their cases have settled.

We are proud of our long term association with the Spinal Injuries Association whom we have assisted as major sponsors and corporate partners for the last 10 years. Our fund raising for the SIA has seen us run marathons, and skydive and more besides.

We were thrilled to be selected as of one of just four firms across the country to be serious injuries legal services partners to the Day One charity formed out of the Leeds Cares charity which supports those affected by serious injury from day one.

We are particularly proud to support the newly established Peer Advice Services UK (PAS) charity set up by former SIA peer support officers Paul Rhodes and Lee Cairns. Peer support done well makes a real and practical difference to people – especially newly injured people and their families and PAS are already making that difference.

Perhaps more than all of this, we take the greatest satisfaction from being able to help people who need our help wherever we can. Sometimes it may just be signposting support – if we cannot help you ourselves we can almost certainly find someone who can.

If you or someone close to you has suffered life changing injury and you think we can help get in touch – we’d be glad to hear from you.




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