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We understand that engaging with a solicitor after a spinal cord injury can seem daunting. Having information can be empowering whatever situation you find yourself in.   

Working with spinal cord injured clients, colleagues and other professionals engaged in deploying their skills to help spinal cord injured people, we have devised our BIG FAQs Series: BIG meaning BASIC INFORMATION GATHERING and FAQs meaning the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.   

We have devised the series around a who, what, why, where, when and how format aimed at introducing each of the important range of subjects we are frequently asked about to prospective clients who may be curious to find out more about spinal cord injuries claims.  

Each topic is introduced with a brief introduction followed by short answers to the sort of questions we think most people have but may want to read answers to outside of meeting with us. 

Click on the links below to read more.

BIG FAQs - Benefits

BIG FAQs - Communication

BIG FAQs - Conveyancing

BIG FAQs - Deputies

BIG FAQs - Employment Law

BIG FAQs - Family Law

BIG FAQs - Financial Planning

BIG FAQs - Legal Costs

BIG FAQs - Legal Expenses Insurance

BIG FAQs - Legal Retainers

BIG FAQs - Liability

BIG FAQs - Litigation Friends

BIG FAQs - Powers of Attorney

BIG FAQs - Quantum

BIG FAQs - Questions To Ask A Solicitor

BIG FAQs - Risk Assessment

BIG FAQs - Roles - People Involved In My Case

BIG FAQs - Screening

BIG FAQs - Statistics

BIG FAQs - The First Meeting

BIG FAQs - The Serious Injury Guide


Brethertons has a wide variety of teams on hand to advise on both personal and commercial legal services. These include our teams who deal with Personal Injury Trusts and related benefits advice, Wills, Power of Attorney matters, Conveyancing and Family matters.

To discuss some of these issues in more detail contact our Spinal Injury team today.


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