Brain Injury


A brain injury can be life changing even if initially it doesn’t appear to be too severe. Unlike other physical injuries it is often an invisible injury, and as the consequences of such an injury may be subtle, particularly in the early stages, it may be difficult for those without any experience of brain injuries to appreciate the effect it has had, and to understand how to deal with it. Often a brain injury can occur alongside other physical injuries, and it is only as those physical injuries start to heal that the full extent of a brain injury becomes clear.

The effects of a brain injury can vary significantly from person to person. Some people may suffer from personality changes, increased irritability, or aggression, or they may lose their ‘filter’ and say inappropriate things. People with a brain injury may not have insight into how the injury has changed them, and not be able to appreciate the difficulties their behaviour may have on others, in particular their close friends and family. They may suffer from significant fatigue, have short term memory issues or be unable to appreciate that they need to change their clothes, or have a shower. Even if they appear to have made a good recovery, they may still not be able to go back to work, or need assistance with day to day living from a carer or support worker. They may have other problems caused by the injury to their brain, such as vertigo or hearing loss and tinnitus, problems with vision, difficulties in regulating their temperature or endocrine problems. There is also usually an increased risk of developing epilepsy.

In the most severe cases, a person with a brain injury may be in a persistent vegetative or minimally conscious state and need assistance with every aspect of life.

In order to maximise the value of a claim for compensation, it is important that you have a solicitor who understands how a brain injury can impact upon all aspects of day to day life, not just the obvious ones, and who has the experience to obtain all of the evidence necessary to support that claim. Unlike many law firms, we specialise in claims involving life changing  injuries. We have a network of trusted experts who work with us.

Our life changing injuries team help people all over the country to obtain compensation for the most devastating injuries, regardless of how those injuries have been caused. We will travel to see you at home, in hospital or in a rehabilitation unit or care home, wherever you may be. We have designed our services so that we handle a relatively small number of cases at any one time. We are able to really get to know our clients and their families to understand their individual needs. As we work closely as a team, every member of the team is aware of what is happening on cases we are working, which means that you can always be sure that you will be speaking to someone with whom you are familiar and who has a good understanding of what is happening in your case.

We work closely with case managers and if we can, will obtain often substantial interim payments to allow a case manager to put into effect any recommendations they may have to make life easier for the injured person and their family while the case is ongoing. We can also assist with getting you specialist advice on other issues which may arise in the period after an injury, such as advice about benefits, financial planning, Personal Injury Trusts and in the most serious injury cases, applications to the Court of Protection.  

We are signatories to the Association of Personal Injuries/Forum of Insurance Lawyers Guide To The Conduct Of Claims Involving Serious Injuries – a code of good practice that allows claims like these to be conducted smoothly and efficiently with the injured person’s needs prioritised by both sides representatives at all points.

We will always explore working on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, so that there is no financial risk to you in the event the claim is unsuccessful.

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