If you suffer an amputation of any severity it is life changing, and our specialist team of lawyers can assist you in obtaining the right amount of compensation you will need after your injury.

Many people who suffer amputation suffer the injury in a road traffic accident, during time in the military, workplace injuries, or through clinical negligence. Our team is experienced in investigating the causes of all such accidents in order that liability can be established. That can involve obtaining CCTV from when you had an accident, interviewing witnesses, reviewing medical records and obtaining medical expert reports, or looking at the way a workplace was organised to establish the cause of an injury.

Our experience and expertise is particularly valuable where having established liability the issue that needs to be resolved is what amount of compensation needs to be paid. That sum will need to factor in a lifetime of losses. That will involve assessing lost earnings, and care, equipment, therapies, accommodation, and all related losses occasioned by the injury.

Unlike most personal injury lawyers our team only deals with the most serious of injuries. We have expertise and significant experience in the issues which may arise out of amputations, how you will be affected day to day, and how it will affect you in the future. We work with a range of medical and other experts in many different disciplines who can assist us in advising you as to issues you are likely to need to navigate, how best that might be done, and as to the potential value of your claim.

We take on a relatively small number of cases at any time. This ensures we can get to know you and your family, and your individual circumstances, so we are better able to provide you with the timely advice and support you need throughout your claim. Unlike other law firms, we work very closely as a team on all cases and each of us will be available to assist you throughout. We assist very seriously injured people all across the country and we are happy to come and see you at home or in hospital or wherever you prefer.

We always try to work collaboratively with our opponents if they are willing to. Where possible, we will try to involve a case manager at an early stage so they can assist with immediate needs and ongoing rehabilitation. Where it is possible we will obtain an early interim payment that can take away financial pressures occasioned by the impact of the injury. We are signatories to the Association of Personal Injuries/Forum of Insurance Lawyers Guide To The Conduct Of Claims Involving Serious Injuries – a code of good practice that allows claims like these to be conducted smoothly and efficiently with the injured person’s needs prioritised by both sides representatives at all points.

We like to look at all ways we can help you, not just getting you an award of compensation. We can assist you in getting advice with regard to state benefits if appropriate, financial advice, Personal Injury Trusts and Powers of Attorney as needed. We can also assist with providing details of counselling service available to you through Brethertons.

We will always explore working on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, so that there is no financial risk to you in the event the claim is unsuccessful.

If you would like to speak to a solicitor with experience and expertise in helping people after amputation please do get in touch. We’d be glad to help you.

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