Residential Leasehold Law

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Roger Hardwick

Head of Residential Leasehold

Residential Leasehold


If you own a flat, you may be looking to extend your lease; or even buy the freehold of your building, with the other flat owners in the block. 

If you own a leasehold house, you may be looking to acquire the freehold of your property.

This is enfranchisement; the legal process of gaining control of your property or of extending your lease. It is a specialist area of property law.

Our team is recognised for its expertise, with our lawyers winning Regional Professional of the Year and Solicitors Firm of the Year in 2014, at the News on the Block’s Enfranchisement and Right to Manage Awards.

We will advise you on options to extend your lease – and increase your property’s value - using the statutory or voluntary process. If you are looking for greater control over the building, we will help you decide whether to set up a right to manage company with others in your block, which could enable you to take over the management of the property. 

There may be other ways of working with your neighbours, too. If at least half of the leaseholders are interested in buying the freehold then we will advise on whether you will be able to join together and compel your landlord to sell it to you, under rules on collective enfranchisement. 

And if your landlord is looking to sell his interest in the building, it may be that he has to offer it to the majority of the flat owners in the building first, on the same terms. This is known as the right of first refusal, and we can assist you in acquiring the freehold by following the required process.

You’ll find that our lawyers strip away the complexities of property law to give you clear, insightful advice and guidance. It’s about helping you make the best decisions now, for the future.

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