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Simon Craddock

Partner and Head of Family Banbury


Financial consultations

Separating from your spouse can be a daunting and emotionally fraught process. Joint finances can make a difficult situation even more complex and often, this can cause delays in the separation process when parties struggle to agree how finances and assets should be divided.

As part of our fixed-fee divorce service, we offer a confidential consultation service which equips you with the knowledge you’ll need to reach a financial settlement that works for you.

We’ll assess your personal financial circumstances and provide a comprehensive report on your individual situation. The details of the consultation will remain confidential and we will not disclose your standing with the other party (the person making the application to the Court is known as the Applicant and the other party is known as the Respondent).

We offer two levels of fixed-rate service to provide you with choice and flexibility:

SILVER package – One hour

  • You are issued with a questionnaire which helps us determine your personal financial circumstances
  • Once you have returned the questionnaire we’ll review this before booking a convenient time to follow this up with a phone call
  • You will be able to discuss the details regarding your finances with us
  • We will then use the remaining time to draft your financial report and send it to you

GOLD package – Two hours

  • All of the above, plus;
  • You can use any remaining time to contact us at a later stage to discuss your finances, up to a maximum of two hours

Please be aware that we will not review or write any Legal documentation as part of this package, we will only provide advice and the financial report indicated above at the end of the consultation.